Hi, I am Kevin.

Hello everyone. I am Kevin Zheng, an art school student who is major in Interior Design at China University of Technology. I hope to use this blog to practice my English. So here it is, I am going to start writing……

Today, I read a book about grammar. I thought I needed to practice harder to support my plan of studying abroad, it’s a big plan of my life. Someone I love keeps encouraging me, SO I need to do my best to let everyone look me up. As Roosevelt said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Therefore, all I need is to be a better man for my future.

Written on 8th April 2015


Rename me!

I’ve given a new name from my best friend.

Carl: “Would you like to change a new name instead of Kevin?"

Me  : “WHY? Friends call me Kevin since I was young."

Carl: “Yes! But Kevin is too common in Taiwan."

Me  :  “Okay! Do you have any suggetion?"

Carl: “It’d be more like your chinese nickname and more particular.

I was thinking ‘Archive’ is suited for you. But we can do a little change.

Rename you ‘Orchive’ “

That’s why I’ve gotten a new name.

Do you think it a great name? lol



Cold and Cool

When I woke up, there was wind blowing into my room. Today Taipei is cold and windy, but the weather is perfect for sleeping, so I fell asleep again. Taiwanese are praying for a pouring rain, Shi-Men Dam is almost dry, people may not have enough water to use. That’s why we all hope the rain can save us.

For me, designer is a coolest job, who create brand new products to improve our life, make it more comfortable. Design is a construction, an art, and even a magic. I do love design and I am keeping my passion to art and design.

Written by Kevin Zheng

9th April 2015

Dam 水庫 (noun)

Reservoir 蓄水池 (noun)

Pouring rain 傾盆大雨 (noun)  *drizzle 毛毛雨

Construction 建設 (noun)  *Construct (verb) *Destruction 破壞 (noun)

Passion 熱情 (noun)

Patient 耐心 (adjective)、病人(noun) *Patience 耐心 (noun)

2015 年奧斯卡最佳改編劇本——《模仿遊戲 Imitation Game》中讓人揮之不去的五句話


  記下有意義的經典電影對白一直以來都是部落新克 Kevin 的業餘小興趣。觀賞一部電影時,Kevin 除了欣賞當中劇情、原聲音樂,也會聆聽人物對白。縱然電影對白總會被淺白地被英翻中,但倘若你仔細聆聽原文,你會發現編劇們都很用心在編寫每一台詞,原文對白比被淺化的字幕來的更加吸引人

  2015 年 奧斯卡最佳改編劇本 Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay 《模仿遊戲 Imitation Game》不僅以主角艾倫圖靈 Alan Turing 坎坷人生作為借鏡,要求大家正視歷史對同性戀者的不公平;當中有許多對白台詞也十分叫人深思。所以 Kevin 決定跟大家分享出自《模仿遊戲》中最值得注意的 5 句經典對白跟大家分享!

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